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Sell Online
Now it's easier than ever to sell your procusts online with Flea Market Mall.

Fully automatic, it creates on demand an e-commerce ready Online Store.


PayPal-IPNe Ready!

Accept and Process Credit Cards right Online with PayPal.


Flea Market Mall, The Way To
Sell Your Products Online!

Welcome to the 21st Centuries New E~Mall ©   Flea~Market ©
It's the dawn of a new age! The Entrepreneur!

Never before in history has so many, decided to do so much, in bettering their position in life! Everyone has something going on the side to make ends meet, hoping to make it big and Permanent some day! Well that day is here with Flea Market Mall ©

Use Flea Market Mall © to create a 21st Century e-commerce E~Mall ©, Flea~Market © or E-Market © online community!

Fully automatic, it creates on demand an e-commerce ready, 0nline Store that you lease to a fellow Entrepreneur! The Entrepreneur can administer his Kiosk (Booth, Store, Shop, Showroom, etc.) right online thru their browser! From putting in product info to uploading the product picture, Everything is fill in the blanks simple!

With the new On Hand Inventory feature, That lets your customers know at a glance, exactly how many products are available for immediate purchase and delivery! It also reduces the On Hand Inventory after each sale, giving new customers an accurate Inventory to buy from!

You can even set the On Hand Inventory control to delete the product from the database when it reaches '0' or to allow a purchase on '0' and do not delete it from the database! This feature is ideal for the flea market vendors or Antique, Books, Cards, Clothing, Comic, Memorabilia Dealers, Wholesalers, New or Used end of lot merchants, Garage Sales, and the list goes on and on!

The Mall Owner gets their own Administrator Console too! Where they can Monitor, Create, Edit, Delete, Disable, Enable, and check for Renewals of the mall shops, as well as, record keeping for the Mall Shops, Customer, Info base and Lease Invoices databases with full backup anytime feature! All done from your browser, in real time, from the Mall Administrators Console.

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